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Examiner Special Article Baseball Superstitions

As spring training rapidly approaches, baseball players across the country are dusting off their bats, warming up their arms, and… putting on gold thongs? That’s right, it’s superstition season again. And that’s Yankee Jason Giambi with the thong, which he claims gets him out of slumps.

But just in case you thought this was another one of those New York things, we’ve compiled a few more local superstitions from our very own Los Angeles Dodgers.

Pitcher Greg Duchovney eats meatloaf sandwiches before every game. Not one, but two, always homemade by his wife Dara Duchovney.

Randy Tremaine has exactly three pieces of Big League Chew (yes, the stuff from when you were a kid) in his mouth that he replaces each inning he is on the field.

Third-baseman, Charlie Finnigan has been wearing the same underwear every time the Dodgers have beaten the Giants in recent memory. Let’s just hope washing them is part of the luck.

Jack Youder has an elaborate pre-game Tai Chi ritual that he ritually performs in the dugout to share the energy with his teammates. If your tickets are in the right spot, you can catch a glimpse of this one while waiting for the game to begin.

Reportedly, Dash Wallace has a special pin on his baseball glove, but this one is unconfirmed since no one can seem to get an interview with him.


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