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Um, why am I the only one losing my s*** over this video of Dodger darling and mega-babe Dash Wallace losing his s*** over a mystery girl at Elysian yesterday? Srsly, who is she and what does she have that I don’t?

I know Dash doesn’t play for my team but I’ve always wanted to be a bat-boy… Check out the video and still shots after the jump.

Xoxo, Queen Gossip aka London Westin




   @futuremrswallace literally dying over that vid on @psstgossip I want to be that girl Dash notices #cinderellastory #fangirl


   @No1DodgersFan @futuremrswallace FFS you golddigger let the man alone so he can earn a 3rd Series ring #baseballslut


   @futuremrswallace @No1DodgersFan ur just mad girls like me don’t look at guys like u #jealousmuch #fangirl4life


   @No1DodgersFan Lord save us all from fangirls #goblue