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Fantasy Outlook: Dash Wallace

In our ongoing State of the Dodgers pre-spring training report, we look at #19, shortstop Dashiell Wallace. This year, picking him for fantasy may be a bit of a wild card.

Sure, a 3-time Golden Glove winner with a 3.80 career average looks on paper like the kind of player you’d punch someone to get on your fantasy team. But let’s not forget this is the year his sackmate goes free agent. If Youder decides not to stay on with the Dodgers, it’s unlikely Wallace will be able to reproduce that sort of on-field chemistry with another third baseman, at least not before a few seasons together.

The other issue is the same clinch moves that secured two World Series victories. The older Wallace gets, the less likely his luck will hold out—his pivot-and-toss-behind may be his signature, but it’s also dangerous. One false step and he’s looking at a potentially season-ending injury, and that’s if he’s lucky. Those spikes stick just an instant too long and he’s twisted a knee, or worse, fallen on the bent arm.

It’s proof God loves the Dodgers that he hasn’t so much as pulled a muscle doing it yet.

In summary: think carefully before relying on Wallace to put your fantasy team ahead in the upcoming season.



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